Fundraisers with GoodBye Toys Charity & How to Start a Fundraiser

Any school can fundraiser with GoodBye Toys Charity on

  1. School personnel contact to start a fundraiser.  Include your school name, location, and contact information.
  2. You will have to fill out an agreement and send us your school logo.
  3. Your school will be added to our website under the Donating to… Category.
  4. Families can sell as a Donate Half to Charity/School Membership.
  5. When they post a product, families just need to include your school as a search category.
  6. Once an item sells, 50% minus PayPal and processing fees goes  to the person selling the product.  The other 50% goes to GoodBye Toys Charity.  (All sales are tax deductible.)
  7. GoodBye Toys Charity sends $0.70 of every dollar to your school.
  8. Bi-monthly your school will receive a check with all funds raised.
  9. Families that do not wish to sell products, can purchase products that others are selling on behalf of your school, or just make a school donation.

For a limited time, we are offering schools in Macomb County, Michigan, the option to place donation bins at your school.  Families can donate new and gently used items to GoodBye Toys Charity.  We will post all the items donated on our website on behalf of your school and send 60% of every dollar to your school.

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