Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I set a meeting location for an item instead of shipping it?

Yes.  When Sellers list a product, they can leave the Shipping Cost blank.  This will default the Shipping to Local Pick Up.  When Sellers post an item, in the Short Description, please state what School District(s) you are willing to meet the buyer in for a local pick up.  Buyers and Sellers can message each other through the site and can set up an exact location after a purchase is complete.  GoodBye Toys does not recommend publishing your address on the website.  We do recommend meeting at safe locations (police departments, fire stations, etc).

Fundraisers with GoodBye Toys Charity & How to Start a Fundraiser

Any school can fundraiser with GoodBye Toys Charity on

  1. School personnel contact to start a fundraiser.  Include your school name, location, and contact information.
  2. You will have to fill out an agreement and send us your school logo.
  3. Your school will be added to our website under the Donating to… Category.
  4. Families can sell as a Donate Half to Charity/School Membership.
  5. When they post a product, families just need to include your school as a search category.
  6. Once an item sells, 50% minus PayPal and processing fees goes  to the person selling the product.  The other 50% goes to GoodBye Toys Charity.  (All sales are tax deductible.)
  7. GoodBye Toys Charity sends $0.70 of every dollar to your school.
  8. Bi-monthly your school will receive a check with all funds raised.
  9. Families that do not wish to sell products, can purchase products that others are selling on behalf of your school, or just make a school donation.

For a limited time, we are offering schools in Macomb County, Michigan, the option to place donation bins at your school.  Families can donate new and gently used items to GoodBye Toys Charity.  We will post all the items donated on our website on behalf of your school and send 60% of every dollar to your school.

For more information visit:

Contact us today 

What is GoodBye Toys?

GoodBye Toys is a meeting place where people can buy and sell new and gently used children/teen and maternity products.

What types of products can I buy/sell on GoodBye Toys website?

Acceptable products for selling and purchasing include, but are not limited to: children/teen clothing, toys, baby gear (but not car seats),  maternity clothes/products, keepsakes, gifts for children, moms, and teachers, and home decor.

Seller Questions

How do I get paid after an item sells?

When registering on, please use an email that is linked to your PayPal account.  To sign up for a PayPal account go to:

We payout on the week of the 15th of every month. For example if you sold an item in August, the week of September 15th, you will receive payment through your PayPal account.

How do I know my donation goes to the correct school/charity?

Sign up for a Donate Half to Charity/School Membership.  When posting an item, ensure you add your charity/school as a search category.  This informs us where to send the proceeds.  50% of the listing price of the item is sent to GoodBye Toys Charity and $0.70 of every dollar donated goes to the charity/school you added as your search category.

I registered for a membership but am not able to log in?

After registering, please give 24 hours to be accepted to sell on our site.  To keep our users safe, we have chosen to accept every person that registers to sell products.  You will receive two emails after your register, one with your username and password and the second email informing you that are you are accepted to sell on our site.

What happens if I created my account with an email NOT associated with PayPal? Will I not get paid?

Not to worry, you can add multiple email addresses to your PayPal account, when you get your email about your payout just click on their links provided and you will be able to add the email account and access your money. We ask that you create your account with us using the same email as PayPal in order to streamline the delivery of funds to you.

What is the cost to use GoodBye Toys?

GoodBye Toys offers different selling memberships.

Donate Half to Charity/Schools:  This Membership is free to sign up with no posting fees.  You will receive 45% of items total value minus a $0.30 transaction fee.  5% is a PayPal and site usage fee.  The other 50% will be sent to GoodBye Toys Charity with $0.70 of every dollar being donated to the school or charity hosting a fundraiser on our site.  For more information on GoodBye Toys Charity visit:

Standard Seller Plan:  This Membership is free to sign up with no posting fees.  You can post up to 20 products.  Once a product sells, 5% and $0.30 is deducted from your sold price.

Sell More Plan: This is the only Membership Plan that costs a $5 monthly fee, however, you are able to sell an unlimited number of items.  5% minus the 30 cent transaction fee will be deducted from your sold product price.

For all memberships, shipping costs are excluded from fees, so you will receive 100% of shipping costs.

What Size/Kind of Image Should I Use for Products?

The optimal size for all product images is 1000px wide by 1000px tall (1:1 square).

GoodBye Toys requires actual photographs of the item you are selling.  Please do not use stock photos.  We want to ensure our buyers know exactly what they are purchasing.  If stock photos are used, your image will be deleted from the site.

Buyer Questions

Do I have to create an account to purchase an item?

No, you do not need to register with GoodBye Toys to purchase an item.  You may check out as a guest.  However, we recommend creating an account so you can access special features on your account.  i.e. Writing reviews on sellers and products, receiving tracking numbers from your seller, and other important features that may make your buying experience easier.