What’s the Purpose of GoodBye Toys’ Blog?

GoodBye Toys-Where saying goodbye to the old today gives children a new tomorrow

This is our mission statement.  On our blog we want to help families create a new tomorrow.  A “new tomorrow” could be as simple as eating better, parenting tips for families, ideas of how to play with your child, or helping your child through a tough situation.  We want to include anything that will improve your family so you can start a “new tomorrow.”

One of GoodBye Toys’ principal goals is to help families spend more quality time together.  That’s why you’ll see family projects and games posted. Sometimes a new tomorrow means making more time for what’s really important…family.

This blog is meant to be used as a forum where we can all lend a helping hand to each other.  If we don’t have the answer, maybe one of you (our readers) can give encouragement, advice, or your positive opinions.  We want our blog to be interactive, where people can come to us with concerns and questions and we can create a safe, positive community for people to share, get advice, and ideas from each other. 

One main goal for our blog is to have children write blog posts and create an entire section dedicate to amazing children in the US.  We’d like to recognize children in our community that are doing amazing tasks and making the world a better place.

If you have a topic or question you’d like answered, or if you would like to be a guest blogger on our site write to us at  blog@goodbyetoys.com  and we’ll do our best to post your topic and or respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for being part of our adventure and our tomorrow!

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