What is GoodBye Toys?

To kick off our blog, we’d like to introduce what GoodBye Toys is and how our story began…

The journey began summer 2017. I decided to take one year off teaching to spend more time with my children. As an elementary school teacher for over ten years, I have seen what obstacles children have to overcome to succeed in life-whether sickness, difficult family situations, to bullies and other children. Although I love my job, I always felt like I was meant to help more than 28 students a year, I wanted to impact the world around me more profoundly. I know corny, right? With the realization that taking the year off meant I had to get something started quickly, but what?

One summer day, my husband and I were talking about how we needed to sort through our storage room and start donating the piles of baby items our children had outgrown. That’s when it hit me…GoodBye Toys. Create a safe site where people can buy and sell new and gently used toys and help children too. Not only could this help de-clutter my basement, it could really help children around the world.

What makes our site different from a regular mom swap is that you can choose to donate half of your sales to a charity or school.  Schools and charities can  start fundraisers on our site.  When you sell items as a Donate Half to Charity Membership, 50% of the product cost goes to GoodBye Toys Charity, a nonprofit organization that is awaiting 501(3)(c) status at this point in time.  GoodBye Toys Charity then donates 70 cents of every dollar to the school or charity fundraising for us. As a seller you get the other 50% minus fees.  For more information on fundraisers or our charity, visit www.goodbyetoyscharity.org

In August,  I began working with the web developers and marketers; I quickly saw the potential of helping more children and families. So here we are…website, blog, social media accounts.  Now all we need are wonderful people like you to start buying and selling items.

I truly feel that with your help, GoodBye Toys can accomplish amazing things to help children succeed and have a better tomorrow.

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