3 Winter Themed Family Arts & Crafts

At GoodBye Toys, we believe that everyone should have fun as a family.  Here are 3 creative winter art projects to help get your family inspired. The following is written by a guest blogger: Creativity Blvd.  We hope you enjoy the activities.  Have fun creating!

Project 1: Paper Roll Snow Man
Guest Blogger: Instagram: @creativityblvd

Time: 10-15 minutes
Age Group: Toddler+
Materials: Paper Roll, Scissors, paint, paint brush, and blue paper


1.Cut slits up the paper roll about 1 and half inches long, making about 8 slits. Once the slits are cut, fold them back to make a stamp that looks like flower.

2. Use the Paper Roll Stamp to dip into white paint, then stamp the paint onto your blue paper to begin making the body of the snowman. You can also use blue paint to add a little texture to your snowman. Make 3 stamps on top of one another to make the snowman’s body.


Project 2: Textured Water Color Painting

Time: 15 Minutes+ (depends on how detailed the painting is)
Age Group: Toddler+
Materials: Watercolor, white crayon, brush, white paper (construction paper or water color paper works best)


1.Use the white crayon to draw any type of picture. These examples have a winter theme, but any drawing your little one wants to do will be great!

2. Use the water color to paint freely all over the crayon and paper, then watch the picture appear through the painting.


Project 3: Collage Winter Scene

Time: 30 minutes+
Age Group: 6 years+
Materials: Newspaper, paint swatches, blue and white tissue paper, white construction paper, mod podge, scissors, sponge brush, marker


1. Glue the tissue paper covering about three quarters of the construction paper to make the winter sky, using the sponge brush to apply the modpodge.

2. Cut the newspaper into strips and glue them to the bottom of the page to make the snow with the modpodge.

3. Then cut the paint swatches into triangles, and use the marker to draw the branches to make trees. Lastly, glue the triangle trees layered on top of one another to give the collage dimensions.


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